How to order:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Enter code 1006 as clinic code (if prompted)
  3. 3. Browse for the shoes you want
  4. 4. Call or email us the product code and shoe size of the shoes you want!

Custom Orthotics

Our custom made orthodics start from $300 and up. Form casting and bio mechanical exam will be performed by Pedrothist(DPM) if needed. Please contact us for more details.

CPAP Masks

We sell CPAP masks and headgear as well as filters. Contact us to learn more.

Knee Braces

If your knee feels weak, is swollen or painful, our knee braces can help you. It relieves pain, stabilizes the joint and helps to achieve faster mobilization. Starts from $250 and up. Please contact us for more details.

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